World Hepatitis Day

The Zitzmann group takes part in the World Hepatitis Day, an annual event to bring awareness about hepatitis. The World Hepatitis Alliance launched the first World Hepatitis Day on 19th May 2008 with the campaign slogan “Am I Number 12?” to communicate the fact that one in 12 people worldwide is living with chronic hepatitis – this is 15 times as many people as are living with HIV. On this initial annual event, the Zitzmann group participated by wearing T-shirts with the logo “Am I Number 12?”


During the 63rd World Health Assembly in May 2010, it was decided to change World Hepatitis Day to an annual event on 28th July every year in honour of Dr Baruch Blumberg who had his birthday on that date. World Hepatitis Day is one of only four official World Health Organisation disease-specific days.

On 28th July 2012 the theme for World Hepatitis Day was ‘See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil’ to highlight how people often deal with problems by refusing to acknowledge them.


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