Dr Bevin Gangadharan from the Zitzmann lab visited the Comper Foundation Stage School in Hertford Street, Oxford, on two days in May 2019 to talk about science to 4-5-year-old children, and to encourage them to get involved in conducting experiments. Bevin was a pupil at this school 30 years ago when it was called St Mary and St John Primary School.

All children in reception got the chance to use a USB microscope, a low-powered digital microscope which connects to a computer via a USB port. They visualised various materials such as feathers, salt, sponges, leaves, seeds, and flowers and also investigated their own hands and clothes. They made several scientific comments about their observations, and also heard about the importance of microscopy in virology.

In addition, all children in Mango class first observed a science experiment and then carried out their very own one: chromatography of the pigments in black felt tip pens. The chromatography was carried out using hand towels and tap water. The children made predictions about what would happen beforehand, and after completing the experiment discussed their findings. The children asked several questions and it was wonderful to see
them so interested and excited about science. They learnt about the importance of chromatography as a separation method in science, as well as about the different states of matter for water and how the movement of water molecules changes with different temperatures.

All children at Comper Foundation Stage School had fun in the science sessions and told their families about their experience. Bevin also thoroughly enjoyed the visit and was delighted that such a short time with the children made such a huge impact on their interest in science. When he asked Mango class who would like to be a scientist all children raised their hands.

Well done to everyone at Comper Foundation Stage School for being such amazing scientists!


outreach bevin gangadharan1

Reception children using a USB microscope


outreach bevin gangadharan2

Thank you card from children in Mango class