Melanie Beer

melanie beer

Melanie was a Baruch Blumberg Scholar who completed a DPhil in biochemistry in the Zitzmannlab. Her works focused on the interactions of Hepatitis C Virus and polyunsaturated liposomes with hepatocellular lipid metabolism. This project helped to understand the interactions of HCV with the host lipid and cholesterol metabolism. She also investigated the antiviral mechanism of polyunsaturated liposomes in the context of HCV infection, involving, amongst others, studies of lipid droplets using different techniques.


Melanie did her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. She then worked at the Biotechnology Institute at the University of Cambridge on biomarker discovery for schizophrenia before continuing her education at the Technical University of Munich studying for a master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology.


When not in the lab, Melanie spent most of her time training for triathlon competitions with the Oxford University Triathlon Club, rowing or coxing for Christ Church.