Craft corner

The Zitzmann group use their craft skills to make presents for people in the lab. A few examples are below:


The “liposome” baby mobile and The “sea” baby blanket

For baby Sebastien the lab made a baby mobile with hanging liposomes which were painted and decorated by all members of the lab. The lab also stitched on shapes of sea-related shapes (fishes, starfishes etc) onto a blue baby blanket.


The liposome mobile


Baby Sebastien


Sebastien with his sea blanket




The “sky by day and night” baby blanket

For baby Sophie the lab stitched on shapes related to day and night onto a blue University of Oxford baby blanket.


Sophie's baby blanket


The “animals” blanket

For baby Ameya the lab stitched shapes of animals onto a baby blanket.


animals blanket alex


ameya blanket

Ameya asleep with her animals

The animals blanket in the making



The “cell” blanket

For baby Ethan the lab stitched shapes cell organelles, viruses and the cell membrane onto a baby blanket.




ethan blanket

Ethan attempting exocytosis

Ethan lying on the organelles in the cell


The "flags" blanket

For baby Aaron the lab stitched various flags onto a baby blanket.

flag blanket


Laurel cushions


Laurel cushions for Raymond's birthday (so that he can rest on his laurels!). (Zitzmann lab sewers Nicole, Kathryn and Emma, 2014)


Salt grinder

pepper grinder

Decorated with iminosugars and viruses (Zitzmannlab artist: Emma, 2014)


Coloured flasks

coloured flasks

Lab flasks with coloured water (Zitzmann lab artist: Steve, 2014)



charlie and coops

Charlie (left) and Coops (right) made by Jo Miller and Nicole Zitzmann respectively, under expert guidance of longstanding teddybear maker and teacher Kathryn Scott (October 2015)